Nintendo Fan Turns GBA SP into a Switch Dock

Nintendo may be giving us a whole load of brand new content, but some fans are happy to reminisce in the past. For example, super-fan;¬†Alexander Blake, who turned a broken GameBoy Advance SP into a fully functioning pocket-switch-dock, and dubbed it the “Nintendo Switch Pocket Dock SP”. This dock contains all of the functionality of a Nintendo Switch dock, including HDMI, mains cable port and USB socket, whilst maintaining the pocket-sized appeal of the GBA SP, and with a Breath of the Wild theme to top it all off!

Blake goes on to explain;

While tinkering around with the Nintendo Switch Dock, to see what I could customize, I realized the circuit board was nearly identically sized to that of a Gameboy Advance SP!

With this being so easy to do, how long will it be before more custom Switch content starts surfacing on the internet? Check out Alexander Blake’s awesome dock down below: