Nintendo Confirms VR is Coming to Switch, Pricing for Online Services (It’s Cheap!)


In an interview with Japanese outlet Nikkei, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima talked in detail about two key aspects of the Switch we had not previously heard about. Those aspects are the prospects of Virtual Reality and the pricing for their online services. As it turns out, VR is definitely coming to the Switch at some point, while online services are going to be extremely cheap.

For the online services, he clarifies that they will cost between 2000 to 3000 yen yearly, which equates to $17.50 – $26.50 USD. That means online services could amount to something as cheap as just $2 per month. On top of that, he says that Nintendo “studies” VR, and that they will be adding VR to Switch when they figure out how players can play it for hours without issues.

He doesn’t clarify what these issues are, though a few things come to mind. There could be a battery life concern which needs to be addressed in some way for VR, and there is a chance that current prototypes feel too heavy and strain the neck during longer play sessions, issues they surely would want to resolve before they release anything publicly.

Source: Twitter

  • WiicardoBA
  • ThePieOfTruth

    If they can make games that won’t make be barfy as hell then I MAY try it.

  • Jared Gauthier

    It’s going to be a bad experience with the resolution of the screen. Hopefully if they do come out with VR they release a separate device with a higher res screen.

    • TechTinker11

      Idk, I even find my 4k phone not that great of a experience, semi on-par with my 720 phone.

      • Jared Gauthier

        That’s my point. Even high res screens are muddy and not that great to look at. I honestly don’t really care about VR until I can’t see the pixels or at least very little.

        • I think too much emphasis is on resolution, not enough on DPI and color grading, something that makes a far bigger difference to me the closer a screen is to my eyes.

          • Jared Gauthier

            Oh absolutely. When I say a higher resolution screen I mean in relation to the size. Having a 4K screen in the same size as the 6.2(?) screen currently on the Switch would help a lot for DPI (we should actually be saying PPI since we’re dealing with screens and not print).

            For example, my Pixel XL has a 5.5 inch screen that’s 2K. That’s 534 PPI. Even at that dense of a screen I can still see the pixels when using Daydream VR. A 720p screen at 6.2 inches will be very muddy.

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