Nintendo Clarifies That Switch Can Support Micro SDXC Memory Cards Up To 2TB

Worried about the 32gb included storage with the Switch not being good enough for a digital only buyer? Fear not, as Nintendo has now clarified that the Switch can support Micro SDXC Memory Cards up to 2TB in size. The bad news? Those cards technically don’t exist yet, and the 1TB version was only announced late last year and is not available to purchase yet. In more bad news, the 512gb SDXC cards out there will cost you $200. There are 256gb versions for around $140, with the most economical for the price and storage being the 128gb version for around $60.

That means the 1TB version could easily cost $400, with a 2TB version topping the $500 mark. In addition, technically these cards are slower the more storage they contain, however, even the 512gb cards are faster than standard hard drives.

Is there a silver lining? Well, yes. It’s entirely possible (though not confirmed) that Nintendo could allow you to use multiple cards and switch them out as needed allowing you to purchase several of the smaller storage, but faster transfer rate cards. In addition, prices on these cards are constantly dropping, so while these current sizes can get pricey at the high end, they have already sank from their original launch prices quite a bit.

What does this mean for Switch owners? Well, it means there are options to increase that storage if you want to be a digital only buyer that should be satisfactory in terms of overall storage space, though it may not be kind on your wallet. It does seem that you’re best bet is to my a physical owner for the time being, but hopefully Nintendo will release their own branded 1TB SDXC cards at a more affordable rate when they finally launch.

Source: Game Informer


Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Chris Jagucki

    This is fantastic news! This would really help out those of us that want all of our Virtual Console and Indy games all on 1 card. I’ll likely get a 128 GB Micro SDXC card by 2018.

  • Umad?

    I would hold off on purchasing an expensive microsd that is never going to fill out. Just get a 128gb or 256gb one if you’re going full digital. Get yourself a bigger one if you absolutely need it, but wait for it since it (512gb ones) should get cheaper in about a year or so.

    • Amad AQ

      I believe you can put a microSD card in the microSD card reader/writer and put files (like video from a camera) in, right?

      • Umad?

        Yeah man, you can get one of those MicroSD adapters and then use a normal sd slot on your laptop/PC etc. I do the same thing with the card in my New 3DS.

  • Silithas

    I’m just gonna stick to the cartridges this time. Even a 256GB sdcard costs 256 bucks here in norway. So this can get really expensive for all digital games.