Niantic is Revealing New Pokemon for Pokemon GO on December 12th, 10,500 New PokeStops & Gyms

Niantic has revealed today that in partnership with Sprint, 10,500 Sprint locations will become PokeStops and gyms. These include Sprint stores, Radioshack, and Boost Mobile locations. What is even more exciting than that is on December 12th, Niantic will be announcing the first true batch of new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO.

We had a rumor swirling about Generation II Pokemon last month, so that very well could be part of this whole announcement. We honestly don’t know what to expect. Pokemon GO has recently been improving on the service overall. They have brought tracking back into the mix recently and began rolling out promised features from before the game launched. It may still be awhile longer, but Pokemon GO may be finally reaching it’s true potential very soon.

Source: Niantic

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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