Newest Pokemon Trailer Showcases Powerful Z-Moves

Earlier today, The Pokémon Company released their newest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Right from the start it showcases powerful new Z-Moves from the starter Pokémon to give you something to look forward to when raising your new Poké pals. If you aren’t familiar with Z-Moves, they are powerful versions of standard moves that require a type or Pokémon specific Z-Crystal. Each type has its own Z-Move. Not all Pokémon have Z-Moves.

If everyone wasn’t already eagerly awaiting the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon after the demo (and our podcast crew certainly wasn’t impressed), the new trailer delves even deeper in what you have in store. You’ll find two Ultra Beasts, UB-03 Lightning and UB-05 Glutton. Just a quick glance at these new Pokémon and you’ll understand why the call the Ultra Beasts! After you get blown away by the Ultra Beasts devastating attacks, you’ll get some islandy vibes thrown your way with the new regional forms of Diglett and Dugtrio. The Alolan variants will also have their own abilities that activate once the Pokémon is attacked. Be sure to pick up a copy of Sun and Moon because there will also be in game gifts based off the information in this trailer.

Pokémon Sun and Moon releases on 3DS November 18th (this Friday) in North America and Japan. It will be released in Europe on November 23rd.