New Splatoon 2 Details Out Setting, amiibo, Online Services, & More

Splatoon 2 is a highly anticipated Switch title. Not much was revealed about at the past Switch event. However, that has changed, as the game’s producer shed light on features of the upcoming title in an interview with 4Gamer.

Here are some of the highlights:

Weapon types and stages

Nogami still can’t say much, but Nintendo wants to bring about the same type of enjoyment as the first title by introducing weapon updates in a similar kind of way. Also, for players who already decided on using a particular weapon type, Nintendo will prepare more variation so that they become interested in wanting to use other types.

Four stages were shown in the trailer. Three of them are new while the other one has been refreshed from the original game with new gimmicks. Nogami says other stages will be returning as well, but with new elements.

On the setting

Just like in the real world, two years have passed in Splatoon 2’s world. Music in the last game sounded like pure rock. Since two years had passed, tastes have changed, and young residents of the squid world now tend to listen music that’s a bit more advanced and with a twisted feel, which is featured in the game itself.


Some gear will be carried over from the original, but the developers will add in a lot of new content here. There are completely new designs, and just like sneakers in our world, even if the shape is the same, coloring trends tend to change. That kind of thing is reflected in Splatoon 2. Nogami also basically seems to talk about how in the ’90s, high-tech Nike sneakers may have been hip, but it was later outdated and wearing more low-cut sneakers would be popular. The same kind of thing is happening in the squid world.

On online capability, amiibo, and lag:


Since fans bought the amiibo and feel attached to them, he will make sure that they can be used in Splatoon 2. Nogami asks fans to keep the figures with them.

Online service / subscription

Splatoon 2 will naturally be a part of Switch’s overall online service / subscription. Nogami talks about how if you post something like, “Does someone want to battle?” on social media, you can get together with others and create a nice temporal community. Then you can battle while communicating via voice chat, and when it’s finished, you can dissolve the community. Nintendo is planning on building a system so players can do things like this easily.


Dealing with lag is difficult, but Nintendo is considering various ways of dealing with it. The transmission data size has been decreased thanks to some optimization, meaning connection errors will happen less than in the first Splatoon. Also, Nintendo will be trying to match players who are closer together or on a similar communication quality as much as possible. Various improvements from the last game are being implemented in Splatoon 2 as well.

4Gamer asked if players will be matched together based on similar bandwidth usability. Nogami responds that a person’s internet connection quality can’t just be judged by throughput, since various elements need to be considered, so Nintendo isn’t just measuring with one regulation. Nogami also said Nintendo is trying to improve various layers of communication quality issues.

Source: Nintendo Everything