New Pokémon Figures Set for Spring 2017

Get ready collectors, because new Pokémon figures are going to be available next year!

The Mega Hobby Expo Autumn in Japan showcased a sculpted figurine featuring Charizard, Ash, and Pikachu. It is part of MegaHouse’s G.E.M. series, which includes a whole line-up of other characters from various media.

ashcharizardpikachu2 ash-charizard-pikachu

In the close up, Ash is styled after his appearance in the first season of the Pokémon anime, as seen with classic cap and vest.

The release date is scheduled for Spring 2017, and a fully painted version of the model will be finished before then. If you can’t wait until spring though, MegaHouse has other Pokémon figures available, such as May and Torchic, and Gary and Eevee, which will be available earlier, January and February respectively. Check out the site here if you want to take a look!