Six years ago I posted about some Nintendo themed condoms over on Zelda Informer. They were naturally unofficially licensed and fan made, but Nintendo themselves did at one point in their history own a love hotel that was used for exactly what you would think a love hotel would be used for. Sadly, those creations were never available to purchase. Today however, we have discovered something for adults that can be purchased – Nintendo themed shot glasses and flasks.

Cleverly called the Bartendo line, Ink Whiskey has created a whole line of shot glasses and flasks based around Nintendo. Here, have a look:

As you can see, the line includes a ice tray likely targeted at creating “jello shots” themed around the Triforce, while there is a shot glass themed around Mario and a glass based on Mega Man. What I find most interesting isn’t even the NES light-gun bottle opener, but rather the tricked out NES carts. You see, those altered cart look alikes are actually full on flasks. Pricing on these items ranges from $12.50 to $25. You can get them here.