New Breath of the Wild Interview with IGN Details How They Redefined the Zelda Series

Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with IGN recently to talk extensively about Breath of the Wild. Specifically, the interview focuses on how they redefined Zelda and the reasoning behind some of the changes made in Breath of the Wild in comparison to prior Zelda games exist. Below is the full breakdown of the above video based interview.

  • Felt there was too much story at the beginning of Skyward Sword, wanted the player to jump into gameplay right away and get into story as you progress.
  • The Goron, Zora, and Rito we see in the trailer wearing blue are companion like characters that help Link on his quest.
  • NPC’s will fight and fend for themselves, but if Link aids them he could gain rewards.
  • NPC’s all act on an individual level, with their own reasoning and thought processes.
  • Stables act not only as break/hub for Link, but also a gathering spot for NPCs in the overworld. You’ll meet different NPCs at different stables.
  • Re-emphasizes how much sound quality has impacted the feel of horseback riding.
  • Peace Boy


    What does that last one mean though?

    • Jared Gauthier

      The sound of the hooves are dynamic. Rather than a sound loop, a separate sound plays each time each hoof hits the ground.

      • Peace Boy


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