New Breath of the Wild Concept Art Has Released

Nintendo recently uploaded a new piece of concept art for Breath of the Wild. A Sheikah shrine lift is seen in the picture.  The area surrounding the Sheikah symbol is more brown than bronze. The Sheikah symbol itself appears more teal than deep blue.

The description of the picture reads:

This concept art showcases the design of the lift entrance to Shrines of Trials, which are located in variety of locations throughout the land of Hyrule. In the center, there’s a Sheikah Eye symbol. – Nintendo

There is also a silhouette of a character, possibly Link, off to the side of the lift. The profile view of the lift shows a teal interlocking design decorating the lift’s side. The bottom of the lift seems to lock into place once it touches the ground, which is indicated by the node-like point protruding from the lift’s underside.

What else do you think changed between this concept art and the version of the Sheikah lift seen in the game?  Discuss it with us in the comments!

Source:  Facebook