NES Classic Edition Game Manuals Are Live



If you were one of the lucky ones and got a NES Classic Edition and started playing it instead of scalping it for hundreds of dollars online, then Nintendo has a treat for you. NES Classic Edition manuals are available here. You will also find several Nintendo Classic manuals to help you learn how to use the home menu, set the console up and a friendly tip if you’re having trouble pressing buttons and the game taking a while to respond.

The Nintendo Classic Edition’s site will have all 30 games from Balloon Fight to Zelda. The website features the original box art for all 30 games and have an option for electronic or printed versions of the manual. While the electronic versions have some basic information that can tell you a little bit about the game, I highly recommend the printed versions. The printed versions are the actual gaming manuals you would have received if you purchased the original game when it first came out. They don’t make gaming manuals like this anymore. Todays games have a simple placard or if you’re lucky, a two or three page document. They direct you to some cold, dreary, greyscale website that only has controls listed. The Nintendo Classic Edition manuals are full of life! They have information about the characters, artwork, back stories, and helpful hints. Looking at the manual was half the fun of opening up a new game.

I’m sure all of us have a favorite gaming manual that we held dear. Hopefully yours is one of the 30 games that Nintendo included on this mini masterpiece. Since the response for the Nintendo Classic Edition was overwhelmingly positive, can we expect Nintendo to release other mini consoles with our favorite games? We certainly hope so.

  • Alexander Bodine

    I really wish they made printed manuals again. They were always so fun to look at (for me, anyway) and I’d learn a trick or two I could use on my brothers 😛