As with anything not officially announced by the company behind it, take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Apparently a group of folks over at NeoGAF have uncovered a unique pattern on the Japanese Direct webpage that has consistently indicated a brand new Nintendo Direct is arriving the following week. That pattern was true for the last Nintendo Direct and low and behold, could be true for the next one.

There is a blank spot on the Japanese Direct page, as seen here:

Before yesterday, there was no blank spot with last month’s Nintendo Direct appearing at the top of the list (no longer present). A pattern has risen up that shows this is an indication for a Nintendo Direct the following week after this spot opens up.

That is interesting too, considering E3 is getting extremely close. However, we know Nintendo beats to their own drum and they certain can have a direct talking about the recent Breath of the Wild¬†DLC announcements and their mobile games, or it could be a slot for The Pokemon Company, who traditionally does not make game announcements at E3. Of course, this could mean absolutely nothing and the pattern has simply been a coincidence. Either way, we’ll keep an eye out for a Nintendo Direct announcement later this week.

Source: NeoGAF