NA vs EU: Which Breath of the Wild Box Art Do You Prefer? (Poll)

We now have two major territory box arts available for Breath of the Wild. On the left is the North American version, while on the right is Europe. Both use two brand new pieces of official art, so deciding which one you prefer really comes down to which piece of official art you prefer.

Personally, I love North America’s, because it best represents the feeling I got playing the game back during E3 2016. Still, I love the art on both… so the better question now is, which do you prefer?

Which Breath of the Wild Box Art Do You Prefer? (NA on the left, EU on the right)

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.

  • Master Hylian

    NA for sure. EU looks a little too Final Fantasy X-2…

  • Mari

    Tempting to order the NA one, since it’s region free anyway 😀

    • Toadster

      Same here !
      And they also have the best collector by far…

      Only thing is that US won’t have my native French language, but who cares ?

      • Loréna B

        tu pourras toujours revendre la version américaine du jeu pour financer la française si tu y tiens vraiment 😉
        mais putain le prix de la masters edition……….

      • Deva Ashera

        It’ll probably have Canadian-French at least since the US version is also the Canadian version.


    EU is not bad, but I like the centering of the NA one. Plus the blur of the bird flying by in the EU one is a little off-putting.

    • Atrimis

      I think those are supposed to be leaves on a tree.

  • Scott

    NA by a long shot….it’s not even kinda close.

  • Sidowisky

    One question, the box art of Wii u Will bem the same of the switch version ?

    • Unknown yet, but probably.

      • Deva Ashera

        It’d be kinda neat if they flipped to the other territory’s artwork for the Wii U edition.

  • Peace Boy

    EU, it’s brighter, vibrant and more unique.

  • Ex Player

    Ok so the Eu one shows more of the areas that we know and is more colorful and vibrant like the game but people are choosing the NA one because? its dull and you cant make anything out apart from teh volcano.

    • Atrimis

      It gives an epic feel, it shows the darker side of the game (He’s not called Calamity Ganon for nothing) the EU one has Link at a weird angle, shows more of the grass than anything, has those leaves at the top that are like in the camera shot and are annoying. I don’t dislike the EU, as yes, the vibrant and colorful aspect is awesome, but it says which do you like better, and for me it’s a ~5% difference.

      • Ex Player

        I get where your coming from but the EU one also has an epic feel.Although it shows a darker side of the game, the game isn’t actually darker in them area’s just the wood’s usually. The angle does seem a little weird but it’s from a 3 point perspective which I think is supposed to be someone looking down from up in the tree. The artist that did the EU one clearly has more talent as there is a lot more detail in everything and it’s not just a blur.

    • MagDown

      I simply find the NA one looking better, I’m not sure how to explain it. Before, I’ve felt I’ll definetly take the NA verson, but your comment made me look a bit more at the EU version. I live in Norway so I’m guessing the EU version will be in stores here, therefore I’m not sure if I’ll just order one from stores here or bother with ordering the NA version.

    • Lord Lemmy

      Now, I know that art is subjective, but as an artist myself, let me explain the reasons behind why I, personally, think NA’s is better than EU’s.

      Link – The positioning
      The position of Link heavily implies he’s ready to go out on a quest to save the kingdom, ready and able, his sword and shield drawn overlooking the lands of Hyrule

    • Lord Lemmy

      Now, I know that art is subjective, but as an artist myself, let me try to explain the reasons behind why I, personally, think NA’s is better than EU’s.


      NA: The position of Link heavily implies he’s ready to go out on a quest to save the kingdom, ready and able, his sword and shield drawn, overlooking the lands of Hyrule… It implies he’s ready to take the challenge head on, with strength and courage.

      EU: Him looking at the camera, or player, or viewer (however you want to phrase it) feels odd, as well as the angle of hand on the hilt of his sword with his head turned to an angle where he’s clearly not looking at anything OTHER than the camera. It’s almost as if Link would be saying “Hey, this is a video game, and you get to play me, Link!” which would be fine for some games, but not Zelda. It just feels off… And back to his pose, he looks weirdly contorted. Why is his body all turned like that? The angle really doesn’t help, either, making the proportions seem wonky.

      The background

      NA: I disagree with your opinion that it’s “dull” andd that “you can’t make anything out”. I can clearly see the mountains, the bridge, the castle, etc. Not to mention, the photo used is smaller than the actual game case, with a lower resolution since it’s a picture of a picture. Just because the colors are darker, with more shadows, does NOT necessarily mean “dull” Not to mention, the art in the NA seems far more detailed and sharper. The clouds, especially, detailed and very impressive. Combined with the colors from the sunset (or sunrise?) with the shadows, where there’s even a color contrast between the sky and the land, it makes for a really beautiful juxtaposition between the sky and the ground!

      EU: As with NA’s appearing more detailed and sharper, the EU’s seems to be… blurrier… It may NOT be, but the fact that everything is a different shade of blue all leading into the sky, it makes everything blend and blur together, the shadows aren’t as sharp, which also adds to the blurring. Speaking of blurring, there are three dark blue splotches near the top of the box. From seeing the full image the cover is based on, they’re birds. The the issue is that they seem really out of place for the cover. Two of them just look like weird blotches, while one is only vaguely a bird, but they just seem like they shouldn’t be there. It throws everything off for the cover. For the original art, it looks great! But cropped the way it is, it’s distracting and looks weird.


      NA: A beautiful piece of art with wonderful coloring that invokes the sense of adventure and exploration, with Link having a great challenge ahead of him.
      EU: This is a video game, look at the world, here’s Link. Invokes adventure, but a bit more lighthearted than what it will actually be.

      All that being said, I think both cover artworks are ultimately beautiful, and the EU’s looks infinitely better as the original image than the cover, in my personal opinion.
      You can absolutely disagree, everyone has different tastes. But I just thought I’d like to explain why I preferred the NA cover. I genuinely think it’s a beautiful piece of art, and looking at the full piece, think it’s even comparable to classic art you’d find in a museum, because of the use of colors and detail!

      • Ex Player

        Sorry but I am in bed right now and will reply fully tomorrow but s few quick points coming from a game artists pount if view. The blue splotches are actually green and are leaves. It has actually been stated by the artist that Link is looking at owl in the tree. It’s three point perspective not a weird angle but you should know that as an artist and for the NA version the bad use of shading on the rock alone shows the artist isn’t as skilled. The rock looks flat in parts where it implies it should look to have more edges and the grass looks like it’s growing on the rock instead of on the ground.

        I agree that art is subjective but one of these artists is clearly more skilled than the other. I will find links to both artists blogs tomorrow so you can see if you agree after seeing more of each artists work.

  • Loréna B

    and here i bought myself a NA collector because fuck you nintendo europe for not providing any masters edition !
    but i still like the Eu one better!!!!

    • Gurgelsnurp

      I did the same!! I hope my friends like the American box art better so I can trade with them as they’ll get the European box art.

  • MagDown

    I like the art on the NA version better, and I was wondering if I’d pay for a Master edition of the game but as I’ve heard it’ll be limited I doubt I’ll bother with it. I already have a Wolf Link amiibo so I guess that’ll be enough extra physical content for BotW.

    • Deva Ashera

      You could get the BotW amiibo..I’m getting the Links and Zelda.

  • Xaragon

    EU version has nice colors, the pose kills it for me.
    NA version has a better composition.

    • MiniMytch

      Definitely the pose ruining it. If Link was facing the “camera” then it would look so much better

      • Xaragon

        He doesn’t need to be facing the camera per se, he just appears really foreshortened and viewed from a weird above angle. Just from an artistic standpoint, it looks less like a box art as it is.

        • MiniMytch

          Well yeah, I get that, but the problem for me is that his body looks weirdly contorted because of the way he is looking. (and the bent knees.)

          • Xaragon

            He also has this facial expression like “the fug am I doin here?”

          • MiniMytch

            Omfg why would you point that out.

          • Xaragon

            Because I’m critiquing the box art.

  • Nicholas Deanovic

    I have to say I don’t like the bloominess on either one. It’s somewhat obnoxious.

  • MrOrdun

    NA one: Epic
    EU one: Cute


  • Ibi Salmon

    Finally! For once, the North American box art is superior! I’d never thought I would see the day!