Unfortunately Nintendo opted to not show anymore footage from Super Mario Odyssey today, but that doesn’t mean they ignored it entirely. On the Live at Nintendo Treehouse stream, they interviewed Mario series’ creator Shigeru Miyamoto to get try and dig up a few extra details. The treehouse crew notes that the game itself seems to play off of Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine in terms of it’s approach to gameplay and this is where Shigeru Miyamoto chimed in and stated the following:

“Super Mario Odyssey is something a little bit more on the core side…

The game will go back to the roots, to Mario Sunshine.”

He admitted after Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine that they tried to open the games up a bit more to be casual-friendly, but with this title they wanted to return to a more exploration based experience. He also noted that while prior games like Sunshine had camera issues, they were very careful this time around to make sure that is no longer an issue with this style of Mario game. Here’s the full segment:

Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing Holiday 2017. Here’s the reveal trailer just in case you missed it.