Masahiro Sakurai Confirms He is Working on a New Game


Masahiro Sakurai, the director and creator of Kirby and Smash Bros., confirmed that he’s working on a game according to Source Gaming. There was no other details given. Sakurai also stated that while looking around the development room, there’s not a lot of people who have developed for the Famicom anymore, referencing his age and longevity in the industry.

Could this mean a port of Super Smash Bros. to the Nintendo Switch? Could it be a new Kirby game or is it something else entirely? Is it possible he and his studio are making a game for a different device altogther (his studio is not owned by Nintendo). Only time will tell. Whatever it is, we will be looking forward to it.

Source: Source Gaming

  • Peace Boy

    New game implies completely new right? Unless he’s being sneaky.
    Did he work on those last Kirby games? What was the last one he did?

    • He doesn’t work on any Kirby games anymore; he hasn’t in years, although HAL do take a lot of inspiration from his work in Smash Bros. As far as I’m aware, the last game he made apart from Smash was Kid Icarus Uprising.

      But “new game” could easily mean a new version of Smash Bros. for Switch.

  • James Amaral

    I hope it’s a reboot of “The Mysterious Murasame Castle” as ‘Takamaru’ got a redesign in Smash 4, similar to how ‘Pit’ got a redesign in Brawl and then proceeded to get a new game in his series, named “Kid Icarus: Uprising”.

  • vegemonsta .

    Looks like he’s telling us the size of his manbone.