Mario Galaxy & Other Wii Games are Officially Getting HD Treatment

Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, and Punch Out Wii are all getting the HD treatment for Nvidia’s Shield console in China. In partnership with Nvidia and iQiyi, Nintendo is bringing these games in glorious HD, plus future yet to be released Wii games, rather soon on Shield. Nvidia Shield is a under box tv console not too dissimilar than apple tv, save for the fact it’s not an apple product and is running Nvidia’s tegra technology, specifically the Tegra X1 – the exact same chip the Nintendo Switch is built on.

This is all according to Daniel Ahmad, a Nika Partners analyst that covers the digital games market in China and Southeast Asia. He’s been reasonably reliable on all other “leaks” and reports he has done in the past in regards to Nintendo products, and this time around he even provided images he took himself from the supposed announcement event, which are in the gallery below.

We made a nice video on it below, giving my reaction to this news and how I feel this could be a huge sign that HD Wii games are heading to Nintendo Switch, given the two platforms use the same technology.