I don’t follow the speedrunning community as closely as I’d like to, but it’s hard not to admire the immense skill all the various types of speedruns out there take to complete in the times they do. What is even more special than the skill it takes is being able to set a new world record for a speedrun when that record is one of the longest standing records in the history of speedrunning.

Super Mario 64, to date, is the game that speedrunners have always flocked to the most and the challenge of collecting all 120 stars as fast as possible as always remained one of the grandest challenges in the speed running community. Cheese05, just last night, broke the record. Kotaku did a great breakdown of why this particular record breaking moment is so special. I actually just wrapped up watching the full run myself and I have to say, that is some massive platforming perfection.

Go ahead and enjoy the run in the video above. Do you enjoy the speed running scene?