Link’s Awakening is Being Remastered & Our Reaction is Glorious

If you missed yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, don’t worry. We’ve got a nice 10 minute shortened summary version for you to digest to get all caught up. The direct ended with the surprise announcement of Link’s Awakening Remeastered… or maybe it’s just a full blown remake? After all, they are literally just calling it The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

As glorious as that is, let’s just say my reaction to this announcement live, as it happened, was a brilliant reminder of just how special the Zelda series is to me. Here, have a look:

Reality is, Link’s Awakening was my first Zelda game and it was the game to make me fall in love with the Zelda series. I have not touched the game since I beat it my first time over 20 years ago, so I am probably more hyped for this announcement than any person has any right to be. A grown man, in his 30’s, freaking out over an old school Zelda game returning. All is right in the world.

To give a larger perspective on this, my love of the Zelda series eventually lead to be starting up a Zelda website in the 90’s called Zelda Domain, which closed in 2006. 1 year later, I became Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Informer and under my leadership that site grew to become one of the largest success stories in fan site history. Unfortunately under new ownership, I was let go in 2017 after nearly a decade and the site was closed down entirely – as the new owner consolidated their efforts into Zelda Dungeon. I cried the day I was let go and the day the site was shut down. I just… man. The bright side is – Nintendo Prime is the end result of everything.

While I know I do a terrible job updating this site often, that’s only because my focus has swerved to our growing YT channel, where I produce daily content. Be sure to check it out if you want to see more from me. Here’s a batch of screenshots for the new game, just to remind you what brought us here today: