Limited Edition of Monster Hunter XX Revealed for Japan


Capcom has revealed a limited edition for Monster Hunter XX in Japan.  It’s being sold on the Capcom Japanese-store and is set to be released along with the standard version of the game on March 18th, 2017.

Included with the special edition is the Japanese version of the game, an over the shoulder bag by Outdoor Products, Soundtrack CD with 5 songs selected by the creators, and a 32-page production note booklet. When ordering from the e-Shop you will also receive two bonus 3DS themes and a save data bonus for your game, as well as a Renkin style acrylic dot mascot that will be picked at random from nine available designs.

The retail value is set at 12,744 yen and for overseas buyers, it can be bought for $154.99 through the Play-asia online store. The import version of Monster Hunter XX will only work if you have a Japanese version of the 3Ds.

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Source:Nintendo Everything