LEGO Game Rumors & Mario Party: The Top 100 Sales (Daily News Recap 1/14/2018)

Welcome to the Daily News Recap here on the official Nintendo Prime web initiative. This daily feature will house the day’s big Nintendo news stories. Some of these items can be found reported on the YouTube channel with Nate’s lovely face, but these posts will cover more news which hasn’t been featured on the channel as of yet. It all depends on the amount of news stories trickling throughout the day.

Rumor: The Incredibles 2 and DC Villains Will be Starring in Their Own LEGO Games

LEGO games are fun family-friendly experiences which many regard fondly. There is a large variety of the LEGO titles, and they typically release on the newest Nintendo consoles alongside other systems. Comic Book is citing sources linked to Warner Bros. in a report claiming LEGO Incredibles 2 and LEGO DC Villains are two projects in development at this time. LEGO Incredibles 2, if it is real, is of course happening due to the second Incredibles movie debut this summer.

Source: Comic Book

Mario Party: The Top 100 for Nintendo 3DS Has Sold 60% of its Initial Shipment in Japan

The new Mario Party game for Nintendo 3DS, dubbed “The Top 100,” is a collection of Mario Party minigames from the series’ past. It launched on December 28th in Japan, where it sold through 60% of its initial shipment. The Top 100 moved 50,000 copies in three days, and another 50,000 during its second week on the block.

Source: Dengeki (via Nintendo Everything)