Lego City Undercover is probably one of the most underappreciated games from the early life of the Wii U, but thankfully the game is getting a second chance (or third, depending on if you count the completely original 3DS version) on Nintendo Switch. The developers are taking advantage of the new hardware to improve the visuals of the game, add in co-op multiplayer, and most importantly they are massively improving the load times. Thinking back, this is great news, as load times were absolutely atrocious, sometimes taking several minutes at a time. This comes from producer Matt Ellison in the most recent issue of Game Informer.

All of this sounds like utterly fantastic news. You can pre-order Lego City Undercover right now on Amazon, and it is slated to release April 30th. We have a handful of new screenshots as well in the gallery below.

Source: Nintendo Everything