Lack of 3rd Party Announcements for Switch Due to Timing of Release

It’s no secret that one of the major criticisms of the Nintendo Switch is the lack of 3rd party games, specifically from western AAA studios. Analyst Hideki Yasuda wrote a piece for Game Industry Japan talking specifically about this and what the reasons are that he has heard from developers up to this point. He also relays some words that Shigeru Miyamoto stated about PC game porting.

In regards to western AAA games, Yasuda claims that the reason we didn’t see a ton of announcements is due to the timing of when the Nintendo Switch is releasing in March. Specifically because the launch of the system is just a couple months plus a week or two away from E3, when most western AAA studios choose to announce their new games. Essentially, this means that Nintendo could have a massive 3rd party presence for the Switch at E3, assuming all those confirmed studios are doing more than porting already released games.

Yasuda also relayed a statement he heard from Shigeru Miyamoto at a private event, where he is claiming that games built specifically for PC could be ported to the Nintendo Switch within one year. Of course, the ease of porting will depend on the intensity of the title, but it’s an interesting comment as you would assume in a year span you could successfully port any game to any system, with proper concessions taken into account.

Either way, it may not be fair to judge the 3rd party support for the Switch just yet, as E3 could paint a much rosier picture.