Konami Reveals the Meaning Behind the R in Super Bomberman R

The other day on Reddit some Redditors struck gold when Konami themselves chimed in on their newest upcoming game, Super Bomberman R. The user on the Reddit dedicated to the character simply asked for the meaning behind the game. The following quote was the reply from Konami:


R is a throw back feel for the Devs. to when games could simply have a letter and allow that letter to carry many meanings.

It symbolized Returns & Reborn because this game is such a homage to SNES and SB3.

But it also mean Rangers, to represent the diverse and colorful group of Bomberman characters who patrol the galaxy.

Super Bomberman R is currently due out at the same time as the Switch on March 3rd. It will feature a return to the classic Bomberman multiplayer formula and a few different games modes. It will retail for around $60 USD and can be pre-ordered through most retailers nationwide.

Source: r/Bomberman