Koizumi Confirms Bluetooth Headset Support, Dock is Proprietary

Were you hoping to grab that USB-C to HDMI dongle you have laying around to get the Switch working on any old TV if your Dock isn’t around? Well, that’s simply not possible, at least not out of the box (modding can make anything possible, right?). In a new interview at French publication Melty, Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi stated that the Nintendo Switch dock uses proprietary technology. What that means is, the ability to convert the Switch unit to TV mode is only possible through tech that has licensed out Nintendo’s proprietary method.

This isn’t surprising in that of itself, but a bummer for those hoping for a cheaper plug and play experience in specific settings. He also goes on to state that the system itself is compatible with blutooth headsets. This could make the messaging behind voice chat even murkier, though it’s possible it only supports them for the audio out purpose like typical headphones. In addition, the audio jack on the system does work while in docked mode, meaning you could run a long wired pair of headphones or headsets from the system in the dock if you prefer that method.

What do you make of these new findings? Is it time for a Nintendo Direct to get final clarification on this stuff before launch?

Source: Melty