KH3 Might be on the Nintendo Switch

The GmaersJoint uploaded another segments of “Seasalt Snippets” in which Cynical speculates the likelihood of Kingdom Hearts 3 being available for the Switch. Part of the evidence he sees for the long-awaited sequel becoming available on Nintendo’s newest console is that Square Enix is in the list of developers partnering with Nintendo in regards to the Switch. The Kingdom Hearts 3 portion of the video concludes at 2:49, should you only want the information pertaining to this article.

The other piece of evidence to Cynical’s theory is a bit looser than the partnership confirmation. He points out that the Switch will be able to run Unreal Engine 4, and that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. Cynical also says that, in his opinion, Square Enix has had more of a standing with Nintendo, as four Kingdom Hearts titles have appeared on various Nintendo systems, so it is not much of a leap of faith to conclude that Square will want to make Kingdom Hearts 3 their fifth title for a Nintendo console.

However, all of this is simply an opinion, and we will have to wait and see whether or not Square Enix will confirm or deny Cynical’s theory. In the mean time, discuss your thoughts on whether or not Kingdom Hearts 3 will be making an appearance on Nintendo’s Switch in the comment section.

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    “GmaersJoint” Just gonna point that out since Cynical is my favorite KH YouTuber and thought you might like to correct it so butthurt grammar nazis don’t scream at you

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    At least try to type his channel’s name right goddamnit… -.-

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