Warning: There are spoilers for Breath of the Wild ahead.

Today is the Zelda series’ (specifically, The Legend of Zelda for NES) 31st birthday. In celebration of that day, Nintendo of Japan has released a new commercial for Breath of the Wild. The commercial uses familiar trailer music with a bunch of footage and scenes we have already seen. That’s what I thought at least upon first looking at it. Then, second 45 happens. Did you not catch it above, here’s a still:

Yes, that’s a flying snake like fire dragon. Where have we seen something like this before? Well, in Ocarina of Time, with a boss called Volvagia. We can’t say this is Volvagia returning for sure, but even if it’s not, it’s certainly something highly related to that dragon. This one is also massive, at a scale the original Volvagia never truly reached. Is it March 3rd yet?