Let’s forget for a brief moment that Pokémon Moon has a ROM out in the wild already, roughly a week before launch. Let’s forget that folks have been data-mining the demo and leaking information since the moment it went live. This is all standard fair stuff that doesn’t actually alter the end product and just shows how passionate the Pokémon fan base truly is to know everything they possibly can. As someone who has passionately covered the Zelda series for 18 years, I can definitely appreciate where this portion of the fan base comes from.

Today however, we’re going to talk about something that is already occurring in review copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon that has a bit of controversy surrounding it, where some don’t mind the hacks as they help complete the Pokédex, while others feel it adds unfair competitive advantages against friends and occasionally in tournaments that fail to do a good job checking the legitimacy of the entered Pokémon. In case you haven’t guessed already, hacking is extreme prevalent in the games thanks to a program called PKHeX, which was used in prior Pokémon games to cheat in a very similar fashion.

Kotaku recently uncovered how it is being used with evidence that clearly stands out from what should be expected. Here is how they phrased it:

“Veteran fans all know about PKHeX, a program that allows players to edit Pokémon saves. Historically, the program has allowed people to inject fake Pokémon into their games, and eventually these digital creatures circulate throughout the community through online features such as Wonder Trade. It is a common sight to see Pokémon up for trade that would normally be impossible to procure through the real games, such as shiny legendaries…

Already, players with early copies of the game are encountering suspicious shiny Pokémon through Wonder Trade…”

I won’t pretend to full grasp this program, but I’ve also never been interested in hacking video games to create advantages for myself and others that weren’t intended either. To provide a little visual evidence to this happening, here are just a few examples:


How do you personally feel about this sort of hacking/cheating?

Source: Kotaku