Interview With Creator on Pitching Mario + Rabbids to Nintendo

It’s no secret that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle was announced at E3 2017, and many have spoken of the emotional reaction that developer Davide Soliani had to the game’s announcement. The reason, however, is far more interesting than you might think; Nintendo of UK released an interview with Davide Soliani, which explained his tearful reaction, and also gave us an insight into the hard work and dedication of the Mario + Rabbids Team. We can only wish them luck, and hope that Mario + Rabbids will live up to it’s increasing hype.

Many recognise that Mario and the Rabbids are a strange combination to use in a video game, and when asked about this, Davide Soliani’s comment was:

The answer is the contrast. Mario is a well known hero. Rabbids are well known chaotic creatures. So we said, “If we combine the humour of that contrast and the gameplay mechanics that we can invent because of this contrast, we can bring something new.”

Which makes us wonder, will Ubisoft explore this concept again? The Rabbids seem to work well in the Mushroom Kingdom, perhaps Mario + Rabbids could become an unexpected highlight in the Super Mario line-up.

When questioned about his emotional reaction to the announcement of Mario + Rabbids, Soliani described his attitude towards Nintendo, and how he longed to ask Mario’s creator; Shigeru Miyamoto, for an autograph upon meeting to discuss Mario + Rabbids:

When I arrived in front of Miyamoto-san, who is the creator of the games I prefer the most, who inspired my whole career as a games designer, I felt split in two between the urgency to ask for an autograph and at the same time the responsibility to present the idea in the most professional way.

The rest of the interview goes on to explain Ubisoft’s delight in working on the game, and their frantic efforts to produce a playable prototype within the 3 weeks they waited to meet with Nintendo. Having succeeded, and used those 3 weeks to create incredibly accurate 3D models of Super Mario and Luigi, Nintendo approved the idea, and so far, it looks as though Nintendo made a good choice!

Read the interview from Nintendo here.