Image & Form Games CEO States Nintendo Switch is “Not a Weak Ass Console”


YouTuber SuperMetaldave64 got a chance to interview Nintendo Switch developer Image & Form Games and learn about how the company started and what got them into developing for Nintendo platforms. The conversation naturally drifts to the Nintendo Switch, given that Image & Form announced they were one of if not the first European developer to commit to making games on the platform. They also previously stated it’s not skimping on power.

CEO of Image & Form Games, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, backs up that claim and talks at length about how they first got their dev kit and why he’s excited for what it brings to the table. There isn’t a ton of juicy stuff for the Switch as he does choose his words very carefully (and outright refuses to talk about exact specs or spec comparisons), but he does note they got their Nintendo Switch dev unit way early this year and all the NDA and security measures surrounding it.

Later, when talking about specs, he turns the question around on SuperMetaldav64 to hear his speculation. Then he fires back about the difficulties of creating games like SteamWorld Heist for 3DS and other HD platforms, as they have to basically make both versions of the game at the same time to ensure the 3DS is not missing any features. That’s when he drops a bit of fire into the conversation stated simply:

“Everything about it (the 3DS) I love, except that from a developer standpoint it is so weak. You have to always consider the 3DS. We don’t scale down our games for the 3DS, rather we make the game for the 3DS and the HD versions in parallel. We always have to know that it’s going to work for the 3DS. That’s one of the things that is such a relief that it’s (the Switch) not a weak ass console. It’s going to be fine… it’s going to be good. –  Brjann Sigurgeirsson

Well now. You can check out the full interview int he video below:

Where do you think the console is going to stand, power wise?

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