Image & Form Claims Nintendo Switch Not Lacking in Power

Image & Form recently tested the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities and had a questionnaire regarding the upcoming console on Twitter. When asked if the play experience of the device faltered when in its portable mode, Image and Form stated that they could not go into detail about the specs or power of the device. However, they did claim that the experience did not differ too greatly from using the Switch as a home console and then taking it on the go. 

While they again could not state too much about their time with Nintendo’s new console, they did confirm that Nintendo is not being thrifty with their choices in power usage. In other words, the Nintendo Switch could be a console that works well as an at home/portable system. It sounds like Nintendo has really accounted for problems that consumers would have with their new product.

What do you think of this new revelation? What are you hoping to see for the Switch in terms of power? Let us know in the comments!