IGN Shows Off Metroid: Samus Returns With Direct Feed Gameplay

Metroid fans were in for a surprise when two new Metroid entries were announced during E3. IGN managed to see some of the upcoming 2D entry Metroid: Samus Returns being played on a 3DS.

Some of the gameplay revealed some of Samus’s abilities that can be found throughout Planet SR388, such as the classic Morph Ball and Charge Beam. The gameplay footage also displayed a bit of what role the Metroid plays in the game’s story as well. Other than secrets and possible story elements, some of the features of the game seem fitting for a Metroid title. Because of the 3DS’s dual screens, the map is positioned on the bottom screen, giving the player the entire top screen for exploring the overworld. Another new feature for the series is the ability to place markers on the map.

From what was seen of Samus Returns, the gameplay appears to be fluid and fun. Stay tuned to Nintendo Prime for more E3 news.