If Nintendo Switch Flops it Could be the End of Nintendo in the Hardware Business

No, this isn’t one of those doom and gloom pieces that falsely states Nintendo is in some sort of financial crisis and could end up becoming the next SEGA due to failed hardware launches. Indeed, if any company was going to keep releasing failed console after failed console and not really care, it would be Nintendo.

They have the bankroll to do it, the clout, and their games traditionally sell well enough that even when a console flops, they end up making an overall profit by the end of the life cycle. However, Nintendo is a business, and like any business they know when it’s time to stop doing something stupid.

The Wii U, for as much as I love it, was a sales disaster. It is Nintendo’s worst selling main line Nintendo home console of all time. Despite Nintendo putting forth what I would argue is one of their finest 1st and 2nd party libraries for it, reality is the system itself was unappealing and confusing to a general consumer base and enthusiast gamers alike. Factually, it didn’t click with enough people.

Nintendo is cutting the life cycle of the Wii U short by about 8 months with the release of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Nintendo has always had 5 or more years in terms of gaps between their major home console releases. Wii U marks the first time in their home console history (sorry, virtual boy) that Nintendo will not have the Wii U on the market for a full 5 years.
Remember when I said Nintendo knows when it’s time to stop doing something stupid? Coninuing to try and push Wii U sales at this point is a fruitless and ultimately unprofitable venture. They need to get everyone ready to make the switch (pun intended), not hold onto the present.

However, reality is that Nintendo lives in a world that has traditionally not been sustainable. We have now gone three straight generations with three major platform holders all existing at the same time. This ignores the fact that today, PC is trying to invade the living room, Smart TV’s are now able to play some games on their own, the high end gaming consumer is already looking ahead to 4k, while handheld gamers are generally happy with what’s available on their phone.

PC’s are now invading the living room.

Nintendo has even realized this potential, given the massive success of Pokemon GO, the modest success of Miitomo, and what is sure to be a pretty good success in Super Mario Run. Nintendo has already begun a fundamental shift that the late Satoru Iwata stated Nintendo would never do. The claim was always that Nintendo games are best experienced on Nintendo hardware, but now Nintendo games are starting to become, albeit slowly, available on a wide range of hardware given the state of the mobile phone industry.

This may simply be part of Nintendo’s recognition of their desired audience. Everyone that cares about video games even slightly probably has a smart phone. They outwardly claim their goal is to use these games to drive people back to their hardware and console titles. Pokemon GO certainly did, as 3DS sales worldwide saw an increase, old Pokemon games started flying off shelves, and now Pokemon Sun & Moon are off to the hottest start in the franchise’s history in terms of sales. It’s easy to draw some correlation here. Similarly, it’s possible that Super Mario Run could help Mario Switch, whenever it releases, become a bigger success than it may have otherwise.

Could Super Mario Run already be paving a path?

On the surface, it certainly appears Nintendo’s outward goal is being obtained. However, there is a caveat to this goal that cannot be ignored. What happens if the Nintendo Switch sells even worse than the Wii U? Heck, what if it only sells a little bit better? Even as game sales may see some increase, hardware sales may not. It is easy to assume the Switch will outsell the Wii U due to being a hybrid, but will it? Nintendo’s mobile gaming market has also taken a massive hit with the 3DS being the worst generation of Nintendo mobile console hardware in the history of the company. It’s not all rosy just because you see a big 60 million userbase number.

I’ll tell you what happens – what we’re seeing today in Nintendo expanding their IP use may not stop at theme parks, merchandising, and mobile parks. Rather, Nintendo games could one day be on a PC on purpose. You might be able to fire up that Xbox Scorpio or PlayStation 4 Pro some day and play a legal version of the latest Zelda game.

And this isn’t because Nintendo is in dire straights. It’s because more than anything else, they care that people play their games. Nintendo is under new management, and with it could potentially be a more open minded approach to their IP.

Now, this is not the direction Nintendo wants to explore, naturally. They hope the Switch is at least midly successful, moving over 30 million units and beginning a resurgence on a new family of devices that can carry them for decades to come. They are putting everything they have into this system because they really want it to signify the the return of hardware relevance for them. They may PR their way into “innovation” or some other poppy cocky about their importance in the hardware industry, but the real reason they want to succeed is because successful hardware literally dwarfs succcessful software in terms of profitablity.

They didn’t make so much during the DS and Wii era because of their software sales (they massively helped), but primarly because of hardware. In fact, something like 65% of their overall yearly profits in years past has been directly from the hardware. Either from new hardware sales, or royalties on people buying 3rd party games on their systems. The rest came from Nintendo’s games.

So rest assured, Nintendo isn’t hoping for the Switch to fail, it’s success unlocks more revenue than any of us can probably count. However, if it does fail I am not so sure Nintendo isn’t prepared to try and live out life as a third party publisher/developer, where you see the only type of hardware they work on being accessories for other systems.

You may read this and feel that if the Switch fails, they should just try again – and as noted, Nintendo is stubborn enough to do just that. However, under new management, I think Nintendo is more open than it’s ever been to admitting that their ideas, their vision for video game hardware, could fail. They are more willing to obtain a greater reach.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ever return to video game hardware again. Should Microsoft or Sony falter, a door would open again. However, if and when Nintendo goes third party, they may find too much success to contemplate going back.

Of course, this is all pure speculation on unknown circumstances. It may never even be a concern, as the Switch may be the next big thing. I sure hope it is, because I like Nintendo hardware more than others. It has lower failure rates, and admittedly some of my hope is holding on to my past. I like saying “I’m playing my Nintendo”. It just has a nice ring to it.
If the Switch does fail to catch on, what do you think will happen?

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded MetroidWiki.org, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.

  • OctoInk20

    No but see, unlike Sega THE CANCEROUS FURRY-RUN RETARDS, Nintendo will still be great. Yeah, that’s right, Sega is cancer and should die permanently.

    • Sean Pepin

      Sega helped give us Bayonetta, so no.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9cxcsdg8es&t=76s

      This is an actual game being developed by fans, and Sega’s promoting this.

      Are they cancer now?

      • shakuvendell

        According to all my texts on cancers and other diseases.


        Though the project hardly impresses.

        • Maybe not, but as you can tell, I’m much more excited for what they’re offering in the music category.

    • I coulda sworn, I and someone else just left you a comment, a few minutes ago. What just happened to them?

    • ArynCrinn

      Nintendo’s not far behind… seemingly more interested in creating new animalistic races in Zelda than expanding on the ones they have.
      Honestly, a humanoid parrot playing an accordion, who “sings” with text. Is that really the best Nintendo can do?

      • I do t mind the race, but a minstrel who doesn’t sing with a voice is silly. I sincerely hope they just don’t have VA for it yet

        • Jared Gauthier

          That’s Nintendo. That’s Zelda. Lots of text. This game wouldn’t come out for another two years if they did all voice over. I honestly don’t think the Zelda franchise would have the same charm if it was all voice over. I like imagining the voices. I enjoy reading and using my imagination, though. Some people like more cinematics.

          • ArynCrinn

            I like being able to travel around places and hear people without having to go up and talk to them or get interrupted by them. It makes the whole thing more immersive. Audio is one of the most important things in creating an immersive experience… and it’s also one of the easiest if you just try.

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            nintendo are decades behind on audio….like everything else

            the switch is basically just a repacked n64.

          • ArynCrinn

            Basically why Breath of the Wild is more like Nintendo catching up on more than a decade of game design evolution, than some ground breaking new experience. It’s a giant leap for Nintendo and the franchise, but that’s about it.

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            wow, text box dialogue?

            nintendo really are broke. they cant afford blu ray drives now which is the standard ffs.

        • ArynCrinn

          I’m getting the impression that the number of voiced characters can be counted on one hand.

          • shakuvendell

            I’m getting the impression that until march 3, all you can do is make things up on that subject.

      • shakuvendell

        Can you do better?

        • ArynCrinn

          If I had a team of 300 people and 5 years of development, I sure could.

    • Calling a video game company “cancer” is silly, especially given they don’t actually kill anyone. Plus Sega still helped with the first bayonet, and this year’s release total war warhammer.

      They aren’t in their glory days, but not even close to being as bad as as say, Konami, who shamed their best dev and creative mind, while turning all their franchises into pachinko machines. Sega still tries. Heck the sonic boom tv show is actually pretty good .

    • Ryo Shenmue

      You’re an idiot. SEGA IS videogames history.

    • shakuvendell

      “should die permanently”

      I really don’t believe that’s your call to make, though, so deal with it.

      Besides, in my experience, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more honorable than the average furry.

      Also, only organisms can get cancer. Not businesses.

  • oomoepoo

    I dunno. Part of what makes Nintendo’s games so great is that they just know their hardware extremely well, allowing them to really use everything they have, going 3rd Party would tamper that advantage.

  • tyr

    Tell Nintendo to make a new F-zero then they will get my money. I have not seen one for over 10 years.

    • Raijin Okami

      well given they were hanging on to doing that when they got a “unique way to conrtol the F Zero Racer”, the Switch MAY JUST see an F Zero yet

  • Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson

    I think Switch will revitalize Nintendo. I don’t think it won’t be a huge powerhouse, but the little advertisement so far has all been in point and got the internet abuzz. If they follow up and keep third parties interested, I think we’ll see them at least compete.

  • Migi

    I actually hope they go bankrupt. if you look at how they kicked the hardcore fans in the face with their retarded family friendly agenda it deserves to die out, especially with all the censorship they do and not to mention not listening to their fans only the whinng SJW/Casuals that barely buy games.

    Only reason 3DS sales are high is cause of piracy, or else they woulden’t go begging to the hacker cummunity to solve their problems for them, And not to mention the cheap offering for a solution.

    And as usual ppl love to hype things up so much it’s getting ridiculous! so it doesen’t tell much unless it’s releasing and all internal specs are shown. Not that i care all that much but the only way they get me back is by firing the entire staff that is working at Nintendo’s treehouse and actually start listening to fans.

    • NintyRift

      I disagree with everything you just said, and it’s a pretty rare occurrence that I completely disagree with someone.

      Nintendo has always been “family friendly” whether you choose to believe it or not. As for censorship, a lot of that isn’t actually Nintendo’s fault and I think its really funny when people whine about it.

      The 3DS has sold well because it’s a great system with great games, not because piracy is high. Sure that might contribute to some of it, but if Pokemon Sun and Moon’s sale numbers show one thing its that plenty of people own a 3DS and want to buy a game legally.

      If all you care about is internal specs it surprises me you’ve been a Nintendo fan at all. Nintendo has never been about high end specs, they’ve been about making great games. The Nintendo Treehouse team is fine.

      TLDR; Grow up.

      • Migi

        I coulden’t really care if you disagree.

        First, It is Nintendo’s fault for censorship with the nutjobs at nintendo’s treehouse butchering localization considering it’s all nintendo title’s that get butchered.
        If you actaully did your research you’d know they are in charge off cutting their games into pieces and then fake translating them like they did to Fire emblem and Xenoblade but losers like to call it localization as an excuse.

        3DS barely has any games support, all support comes from their first party game and barely any third party’s are jumping on board and all other third party title’s are mostly published by nintendo themselves cause no japanese third party would release their games here in the west. Also you do know that to get some games on 3DS uncensored it you needs a modded 3DS and a copy of the region it plays in consdiering it’s still region locked. same goes for Fire emblem games that got a Hack but required the regional version.

        Also, if like you claim piracy ain’t a thing! why are they basicly begging hackers to do their work for them? and offer money to show nintendo themselves to patch a exploit for 3DS cause basicly only money they make is on first party and you can only milk it so much.

        Sorry but i played nintedo since i was a kid and i totally am disgusted with the way they went about it, With their lame pandering to casuals, and you might say “Family friendly” but games evolved from being 2D to 3D and so does content and story.

        Only thing that will happen with the same agenda is bankruptcy And we can all see that coming if this fails cause that’s why they are branching out to other platforms instead of staying exclusive.

        Also Grow up yourself! cause all your sounding like is a Nintendo fanboy, Making excuses for their failure’s. Not to mention defending the nutjobs at Nintendo treehouse with their former Pedofile excuser and Escort whore, Alison Rapp!! and their other nutjobs with their agenda pushing like they did in fire emblem.

        Have fun with your cut-up games and feel good moments. Also did you create those upvote accounts yourself? considering they barely seem to have any Activity and losers love upvoting themselves.

        • Beta


          • Migi

            Triggered much!?

          • NintyRift

            Just leave him alone guys, he’s obviously very one sided.

            As for Nintendo failures, I am in no way excusing them. They definitely have failed doing some things, I’m not a fan of some of the ways they translated fire emblem fates, and they definitely botched the Wii U marketing. They’ve made plenty of mistakes, but that seems like the only thing you care to focus on instead of their strengths and the improvements they’ve made over the years.

            Hoping a company goes bankrupt because of your petty attitude is extremely childish.

            As for Nintendo “pandering to the hacker community” just like “me” said earlier, its a very common practice, Google, Apple and other huge companies do it.

            You can choose to be pessimistic and one sided or you can choose to be realistic and open-minded. Don’t argue stupid points with me.

          • Migi

            Alright i’m one sided cause i don’t share your delusional viewpoints,

            Also they haven’t really imporved much considering they been basicly failing since the N64 with non-stop downgraded consoles, The only reason wii made money is cause the console was cheaper to make and they made profits of the console sales more then the software sales cause those tanked.

            I’m hoping goes bankrupt so it can sell its I.P to a company that actually tries to listen to all gamers not the casual pandering which has been shown with WiiU not to work.

            It is common place for internet sercurity not to fix the systems software on consoles/handdhelds.

            I chose to be realistic not delusional and praise a dumb console like it’s GOD!!

          • shakuvendell

            “delusional viewpoints”

            You’re one-sided because you think anyone who disagrees is delusional.

            Where I come from, we call people who think like that “ignorant”.

          • Migi

            Like i said, you feel i’m one sided cause i don’t share your delusions views so you feel im ignorant simply because of my views you moron.

            I don”t see any valid argument other than you crying about my comments being harsh and you being triggered by them

          • Graham

            You are one of the most toxic people I have seen in a while. Regardless of the validity of your opinion, I’ll leave that alone for now, your rebuttals are all “your delusions views” (should be “your delusional views”) and “you moron” or just opinions, not backed up facts.

          • Migi

            Go Cry me a river, Crybaby!

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            n are too big fail homie, leave the children alone to stay in their “nes was king 1980s” bubble 🙂

            its their only safe space from reality hurting their feelings 🙂

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            n are done. they have bee trailing every gen since the snes. lol. you cant run at a loss indefinitely. that is why n have downscaled etc. even their head exec had to take a salary cut to offset the losses of the 3DS which sold a lot less than they were hoping. The only people who cant see n are on the way out are the blind fanatics, the same type of people who were shocked when the “too big to fail” banks went bust in 2008.

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            they are still remaking the 64. they have been using the 64 hardware since they came out with it back in the 90s. Most probably because that hardware cost them all the money they had and once the 64 tanked, they could no longer afford to move on. So thy have been stuck reusing the same old hardware. Just like with the 17yr old DS system. they just retool the hardware, slap a new case on it, and sell it as a new console for full price. look at the switch mario game. it has 64 gfx lol. Sure they run a bit smoother, but…its just the same machine but slight improved. N are a one trick pony and they played that trick out with the n64.

            n are too big to fail..just like the banks post 2008 🙂

          • Migi

            Nintendo strategy is Nostalgia and most likely they are doing a Wii strategy when it comes to their new console” The Switch”. Nintendo really doesn’t stand out much in sense of options its still selling the same games in a new wrapper. Nintendo is however having lots of profit with the new Console most likely cause the console is so cheap to produce that they are making tons of it and now under new managment they have this Scalper mentality to drive up demand.

            I fyou like to be skeptical of political agenda’s in games like Nintendo been doing with treehouse and now they are trying to correct by censoring games during production I’d suggest you follow this site. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/

            And here the video of them trying to excuse game censorship as localization like so many dumb western gamers or Nintendo fans do.

            Its factual that Nintendo new console is garbage and that it rides on its own IP and Nostalgia to even get the hardcore interested in it. I wouldn’t mind their low grade console if they didn’t also censor their games.

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            so you defend a practice you arent a fan of?


            nintendo suck but i will still buy their obsolete merchandise because im a moron with more money than sense

        • me

          Hey! You don’t seem very intelligent so I’m only going to provide a few rebuttals.

          Rapp didn’t work for Treehouse, she was only in PR. That means public relations.

          Second: Paying whitehat hackers to look for security vulnerabilities isn’t an admission of failure at all. It’s a very common practice in the tech industry.

          Third: I’m not paid or anything at all, you just have stupid viewpoints 🙂

          • Migi

            Could it be that i’m right and the fake accounts are the same? considering i’m posting towards another person but you losers show up right away!!

            Also loser if she diden’t work for nintendo treehouse all other Gaming media woulden’t say Nintendo treehouse employee allison rapp got fired for being a whore!!

          • me

            I’ll be real, Nintyrift is a friend of mine. He’s a very nice guy and you’re not so that’s why I’m commenting.

          • Migi

            So your the kinda person that would just upvote and not look at the facts simply cause your friends feelings might get hurt? Seriously your what’s wrong with society trying to go on the offense simply cause i might hurt somebody’s feelings.

            Also what i stated was factual if you actually cared for that you’d know all this info and you’d also know why Nintendo lost third party support simply cause they wanted to Use EA to do their dirty work and build a infrastructure for their online but diden’t wanna pay the price EA wanted.

            Nintendo’s Family friendly policy is killing it!! cause that’s why we have a rating system so we don’t have to censor but they chose to do it anyways with their retarded nintendo treehouse hippies!!

            Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE was censored because of Treehouse, after ATLUS said to fans it woulden’t, But because Nintendo treehouse they had to censor it.

            There is plenty wrong with nintendo it’s just ppl don’t wanna stare the facts in the face either cause they are fanboys or they like the retarded ideology Nintendo treehouse is trying to push in their games. Fire emblem Fates which was full of bullshit translations, Everything said in the actual games was twisted into SJW propoganda.

            It’s late on my end so if you have anything more to say ill reply on a later date G’Nght/Day.

          • Beta

            Stop playing weeb trash then.

          • me

            No, people like you are what’s wrong with gaming culture. People like you cry about SJWs like they’re some kind of mythical boogeyman and cry “cuck” everytime a studio tries to appeal to people outside your extremely small paradigm. Nintendo’s policy of being family friendly extends to the games they make themselves and not the third party publishers that support their systems. You shouldn’t feel threatened by a company trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Your gaming hobby isn’t the sacred gift to a chosen few and having titles that appeal to everyone keeps it alive.

            The family friendly policy is part of what has kept Nintendo going for so long, you’re probably too young to remember or weren’t even born yet but that policy was in full effect throughout the nineties, which was also the heyday for Nintendo and also was in play during the success of the Wii.

          • Migi

            Sorry but hat’s reversing of the topic doesen’t actually work, you need to have an actual point instead of just complaining about my points I love that you losers always whine when ppl point out the obvious simply cause they don’t share your viewpoint.

            Like is tated before WiiU sales are lower then PSvita sales and that handheld is for Niche gamers so it shows the whole family friendly thing is dumb bullshit.
            Also if you had a brain you’d know that the only reason they kept going is lack off competition and since the playstation came around ppl have switched sides.

            You can keep your delusional idea that Family friendly will save them but facts are facts they are bleeding money because of it and not to mention the downgraded console non-stop. Only thing seling for nintendo is their first party games.

          • shakuvendell

            “Seriously your what’s wrong with society trying to go on the offense simply cause i might hurt somebody’s feelings.”

            What’s wrong with society is that there are people like you who believe hurting peoples feelings is ok, but defending your friends is not.

            You’re criticizing someone for doing the right thing in response to you doing the wrong thing.

            That’s screwed up man…..

          • Migi

            Did i hurt your crybaby feelings with my comments? GRow the fuck up and get over your ownself if you don’t like what i’m saying that’s your problem.

            Unlike you i’m not pandering to anybody and treat everybody the same.

          • Graham

            Yeah, you treat everyone like pond scum. You are an equal opportunity asshole.

          • She didn’t get fired for being a whore. She got fired for representing company IP in unwanted photo shoots.

            It’s really not hard to get. She moonlighted as a “model” wearing Nintendo clothes. Even if stuff was sexual in nature, being a whore is totally different and at a much bigger level.

          • Migi

            Sorry but she is. Also her escort name was maria mint and she was offering more then photo shoots, even her boyfriend admitted she sleeps with other guys and he’s ok with that.

            Sadly, shortly after ppl pointed out to her, that they found her prostitute name the account got deleted and it showed more option then just photo’s. IF you actually kept track of it you’d know that.

          • shakuvendell

            No one with brains uses blog articles as references when making an argument, because everyone with brains knows blogs are not reliable.

          • Migi

            You believe main stream media and that has alrdy been proven its full of fake shit! Mainstream media and blogs there is little difference considering its all some persons opinion.

            All that matters is proof and these days blogs do it better then the mainstream media.

          • shakuvendell

            “Could it be that i’m right and the fake accounts are the same? considering i’m posting towards another person but you losers show up right away!!”

            Speaking from a perspective of pure logic, there’s no real basis to your accusation there besides paranoia, or more likely, ad hominem. Short for “argumentum ad homenim”, it means “argue to the person”, or, more loosely, but more simply, “To argue against a person’s character”

            That is to say, you’re hurling accusations and insults – attacks on peoples’ characters – because you know you can’t reason your way to victory with actual facts, and you can’t admit you were about twenty miles off-base with essentially the entirety of your claims.

            You’re very hostile. Angry. Rude…

            Like most of the more ignorant and small-minded souls I know.

            You’re talking jive-turkey, based on garbage you half made-up, and motivated by a need to cope with something in the depths of your mind.

            The symptoms are timeless. Seen in human beings for generations. Your counter-dependant.

            So go find a psychiatrist, instead of bullying and hating on everyone and every thing.

          • Paul Chach Mcarthy

            he is correct

            nintendo have been bankrupt since they invested so heavily in the n64 and it tanked. that is why they never ventured down that route (make the most powerful machine) again. they cant afford to. They have been steadily losing money from then on, the one off boom of the wii to the casual crowd ended as soon as it began, but even the money from that wasnt going to last long with n in so much debt.

            His allegory about the banks is spot on, just like the banks, nintendo fanatics chant “too big to fail” but guess what? the cheapness and obsolete design of the switch all but proves him correct, n have failed so hard they can no longer afford to compete with even the mid range tech seen in the rivals consoles.

        • First, It is Nintendo’s fault for censorship with the nutjobs at nintendo’s treehouse butchering localization considering it’s all nintendo title’s that get butchered.
          If you actaully did your research you’d know they are in charge off cutting their games into pieces and then fake translating them like they did to Fire emblem and Xenoblade but losers like to call it localization as an excuse.

          Not all of their localizations are bad. But there are obviously some select titles that are. However, the decisions on the “censorship” is typically not up to a single person at Nintendo Treehouse. That comes from upper management. As in, you should be pointing fingers at folks like Reggie. These are the people that steer the sort of censorship you see.

          3DS barely has any games support, all support comes from their first party game and barely any third party’s are jumping on board and all other third party title’s are mostly published by nintendo themselves cause no japanese third party would release their games here in the west.


          186 total, 474 if you count eShop only titles. I mean, that’s a lot of games since 2011. How many more do you need? Let’s stick with retail – that’s 37 games released on the 3DS EACH YEAR. I mean, christ man. ANd no, they aren’t just a bunch of shovelware.

          I’ll leave your “uncensored” stuff alone. I’ll just say I agree things should be region free.

          Also, 3DS games are among the best selling games every single year across every single platform. So…to say the 3DS is only “popular because of pirating” is extremely laughable.

          “lame pandering to casuals”

          Nintendo is doing what they have always done. Hate the bad translations and censorship? Been there since the NES. Hate the lack of third party support? Nintendo drove them away with the same policies they had in the 80’s. Difference then was there were no other viable platforms.

          I understand that you’re pissed at Nintendo. Let me ask you something – do you know Alison Rapp? Probably not, I am guessing. You probably read one of her college papers (which you know, lol college), and then joined the SJW crowd (which you claim Nintendo panders too) in outright degrading and attacking someone you don’t know right out of a job. The name calling, it is completely unnecessary and shows a lack of maturity. Sorry man.

          I think you have every right to be mad at Nintendo. Sort of. I mean, they exist to entertain. If you don’t like their games. Don’t like their practices, then you know – go to the companies that do what you do like. What you do enjoy. Why wish for them to go bankrupt (fun note, they won’t in your life time)? You think that makes them change?

          No, bankrupt means they go out of business. A world without Nintendo is not a world I wish to live in, and you shouldn’t either, even if you highly dislike the way they do things. They aren;t attacking you and ruining your life, yet you’re acting like they are. This is a medium where you have near endless options for platforms and game providers. Don’t like what Nintendo does? Make your valid criticisms and then move on to those that do things the way you want. Because wishing a company goes out of business for not catering to your desires is just not right, no matter how frustrated you are. They entertain millions. Their games make my kids extremely happy. They make me happy. They censored something? Who cares. Before the internet, we didn’t know any better. We just played the games and enjoyed. Everyone wants to pick a argument.

          You’re picking yours, and it’s just not worth it man.

          • Migi

            It’s easy to excuse it as its the higher ups when some of the staff have obviously shown to support for the censorship. And you actually think Reggie is there 24/7 telling them what to do they get to call the shots themselves or even put feedback on what would be the good thing to do for the game.

            Sorry but including E-shop games is like me calling indie games on ps4/Xbox full games while they’r not. Also that would mean a failed handheld like the psvita has more games cause that clocks in to 1353 games on wiki, While in facts it’s pretty dead on newer high grade games. all that is really selling 3DS is Nintendo first party title’s and also does that Also did you actually exclude the games that are japan only considering that doesen’t really count for the west.

            Nintendo excuse for family friendly is something that’s from the Dark ages and you can’t compare the Old nes to today’s consoles considering the whole concept of what a game is has evolved, There is no need to be ignorant towards the things that they are doing now cause we have the internet.

            I’m not claiming they pander to SJW they actually do if you actually read what they changed in fire emblem you’d know that the whole games has a bullshit translation and even complete dialogue removed which wasen’t even offense and even putting in message’s of Feminist nature.

            On Alison rapp she herself proclaimed to be a big SJW/Feminists and Glorified the censorships and when she got fired for her extra job as a whore she played the victim. But she ain’t the only scumabg they had working there is still another one called Nich Maragos who admitted that when he worked at atleast he tried to stop certain games getting localized cause of his delusional SJW viewpoints. There is nothing rude about calling ppl out for what they do simply cause it sounds rude or nasty. And ppl should keep their own delusional ideology out of gaming and let ppl create what they want to create as long as it harms nobody.

            Sorry but ppl always said Big banks coulden’t fail cause they were too big but they sure did. Nintendo right now is hanging on to selling their I.P on other platforms kinda shows how desperate they are for money right now cause Exclusives sell a system and the more they flood the other markets with their content the less atractive their own console ends up being.

            I’m hoping they go bankrupt because of their I.P, considering the games will live on with another publisher. They are ruining gaming by totally destorying a creators work not just in the games themselves but even their special edition artbooks get censored.

            You might feel butthurt because of my opinion but that doesen’t mean i’m not allowed to state my opnion simply cause you and other nintendo fanboys don’t like it.

        • Cory

          All technology companies offer hackers money to find exploits. Google. Apple. Microsoft. Sony. So your point there is mute

          • Migi

            And if you understood my point you’d know that is the norm for intenet security not game piracy! Nintendo wants hacker to help em fix a Exploit for playing pirated games not secure ppl’s account or something that involves ppl’s privacy.

            I don’t recall Sony or M$ asking the public to help them fight game piracy!

    • Ryo Shenmue

      You’re a complete idiot.

      • Darth Folwart

        What a profound statement.

        At one point Nintendo had the industry by the balls, now they keep digging their hole deeper. It is irritating watching something that could have been great settling for floor scraps.

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      You look like the kind of guy who would vote for Trump…

      • Migi

        dumbass i’m not even american, so don’t even go there. I hated both candidates but i have to agree with Trump supports on that Atleast he dares to be poltically incorrect and state problems nobody wants to talk about instead of victim pandering like Hillary did.

        • Fabrizio Silveri

          Ok that’s enough for me 😉

  • RobotUnderscore

    If the Switch fails, Nintendo will probably try one last time before folding and going software-only.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      LOL. Sony and Microsoft will go software-only before Nintendo starts making games for other consoles. It’ll never happen because, unlike Sony and Microsoft with their respective consoles, Nintendo is a VIDEOGAME company. Fans are going to demand new consoles and they’re going to keep making them. Some people thought Nintendo was going to stop producing portable consoles after the Game Boy Advance and that was 15 years ago. They’re never going to become a software house, deal with it.

      • RobotUnderscore

        alright man, wasn’t trying to shit on Nintendo

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      I agree with you, if they get two more WiiU-style failures, they might stop producing hardware completely.
      And, as the article says, that’s not because they can’t make money out of commercial failures (they did with WiiU!) but because they don’t want their games to be limited to a very small audience!
      That said, I’m quite sure this won’t happen, so no need to worry about it now.

  • Dontcodenomorenomore

    At the end of the day, the 3DS is doing better than expected… sales are actually up right now in 2017, higher than in previous years, which just goes to show what a quality sun/moon title is worth.

    In other words, Nintendo is making real money with the 3DS, and the install base is actually pretty large at 60+ million units. Since they are still selling, there is no reason it wont reach Gameboy Color numbers by the end of the lifecycle.

  • Paul Chach Mcarthy

    Nintendo cant be making that much money. That is why they keep making cheap wii cash ins. They cant afford to compete with ms or sony, financially to invest in decent hardware. And lets be honest, the bone and the ps4 are’t exactly using the best hardware you can get, yet N’s new machine is woefully behind even those. There must be some major money loss over at Nintendo if they can’t even afford to compete with middle range spec machines like the two current leading console brands. The have already dropped wii u support. They couldn’t afford that either. I doubt the support for the Switch will be around for anywhere near as long as they tried to keep the W.U afloat, either. All Nintendo really have now is the DS and that’s almost as old as my eldest son, 16 years. It’s an antique in tech terms. They can’t afford to develop a new handheld so they keep remaking the same one over and over slightly a bit more advanced each time. Maybe it’s time they licenced out the two 40 year old games they are good at making, Mario and Zelda and sell up to Disney who can afford to invest in some decent hardware and put out a decent competitive console. Nintendo are relics of a bygone age that should have gone under with the abysmal wii u.But the soccer mum casuals kept them in funding for awhile, now all that money is gone. Nintendo are on their last hurrah. It was a nice run, Nintendo, but you had to close out some day. No business can remain in business indefinitely running at a loss.

  • Link Hyrule

    Fuck You, your wrong.