Here’s What the Inside of the Switch Dock Looks Like

One really neat thing about the Switch is it’s ability, via the dock, to seamlessly go from handheld mode to your TV screen. It looks so smooth at all the various media events and commercials, but how does that magic work? We know it charges via USB C… is there a chance over time that the charging port could get damaged by the dock? Well, a closer look reveals how Nintendo has handled this to try and create maximum security when docking the Switch.

This image was provided by Game Usagi. Do you like how this looks?

  • thelinkmaster001

    Could someone tell me exactly what I’m looking at? I’m not very hardware – savvy.

    • Peace Boy

      Me too.

    • Andrew Defty

      I,m no tech savvy either but, I wonder if that Black Strip lowers as your Switch docks so it cannot be snapped/bent… Their also seems to be a small guide pin of sorts on the back of the slot which may direct your Switch perfectly over the charging port for less chance of damage.

      Not sure though, but I would love a full rundown as of what we are looking at, and how it works…

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