Here’s What Breath of the Wild Looks Like When the “Fog Effect” is Removed

Breath of the Wild, in my opinion, is an absolutely stunning looking game. One aspect that goes beyond the art direction itself is a general “fog effect” over the whole game, something that never really bothered me until now. A Tumblr user named skleero has done his very best to remove the “fog effect” from screenshots of Breath of the Wild, revealing what true beauty lies beneath the surface in what almost looks like a completely overhauled game. Have a look in the gallery below to see even more.

What do you think?

Source: Tumblr

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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  • Ciel

    I’m not sure you can call an artist’s interpretation accurate. You don’t know that the fog effect is that heavy. It’s not like he can just turn off a layer in Photoshop.

    • SJ

      This is true.

  • Jonny

    I don’t think removing the fog could make it look this vibrant and detailed :/

  • Anonymous1234567

    I don’t mind the fog or haze itself. It’s the lack of color contrast I am iffy on. If there’s an option in game – like a brightness or contrast slider – I will be jacking up the contrast somewhat at least. Every image I’ve seen with higher contrast looks more vibrant to me.

    If not, it’s still beautiful. I’ll live.

    • SJ

      Yes, this is exactly what I’m hoping for. Just a little more contrast would go a long way.

      And yeah, it’s beautiful enough as it is.

      • Anonymous1234567


        I mean I suppose worse case scenario, I could re-calibrate the HDMI channel I use for Switch. But I have it perfectly calibrated and would prefer not to have to write down all the settings painstakingly and then change them back for other systems, Blu Ray players, etc. lol.

        • Alexander Holgersson

          sorry for asking this but what is contrast?

          • Anonymous1234567


            In short, it makes the distinction – the contrast – between colors, higher, which can make for a richer displayed image.

            When you calibrate a display (which can be done yourself with some free tools or online or an expensive calibration suite, or you can have it done professionally for you,) contrast is one of many different settings that can be tweaked to result in the most accurate possible image.

            Of course, the source being displayed matters too. If the source (in this case a video game) either isn’t accurate, or for artistic purposes (as I suspect is the case here, which is fine) is intentionally more washed out, or conversely, more vibrant, darker (or even black and white,) etc. then you can manually tweak your calibration to account for it if you like… but it means switching back to the ideal calibrated settings to regain color accuracy later.

            The display itself also matters. I will forever maintain the best HD CRT displays made will forever have better contrast than any modern display… except perhaps the very, very best, but even then I’ve yet to see them surpass CRTs in anything but resolution personally. (They get close, though. So close, for most, it wouldn’t matter.)

            Okay so I went on a really long rant in response to a simple question. I’m sorry lol. TLDR version: contrast (along with brightness, various color settings, and others) can help make colors pop and prevent washing out, by making sure black is actually black instead of some shade of grey, and I hope the game has an in-game contrast slider in addition to brightness, but if not, I can just make a custom calibration just for Switch or just for the game.

  • SJ

    It does generally look better this way, but some of the shots look worse, like the 1st one and the 4th one.

    Also, we just don’t know if this is really what it would look like if the fog was removed, it’s just someone’s interpretation, unfortunately.

  • Apex Gaming

    The fog effect in these screenshots looks much more drastic than the videos did imo.

  • MohsinQureshi

    Fog makes the game look worse and makes darker things more visible. i personally hate fog. i use SweetFX for some PC games (for example, Watch Dogs) and the removed fog just makes the game look cleaner and more colorful.

  • Leo Lee

    I think the fog effect plays to the favor of the art style and mood or theme. Looks better with, than without. Because the graphics were made with it in mind most likely.

  • Jared Gauthier

    This simply looks like they increased the contrast and saturation. I don’t think it’s a “fog”, but rather just the color palette, it’s much brighter than the “enhanced” versions. The shadows are much too harsh in the edited images.

    • Exactly. And the most horrible thing is that you lose detail in the shadows because of this extreme contrast.

  • Johny

    umm… say he did alot more than just “removed fog”.. seriously? this looks highly saturated

  • MrOrdun

    I think it’s fine as it is. Yeah, the colors are nicer, but the edited picture’s shadows are way too dark. Light bounces around, you’re not going to have pitch-black shadows when you’re outside during the day.

  • MiniMytch

    “Saturates pictures” – Look guys, I removed the non-existent fog!

  • As11

    It looks like full rgb vs limited