It goes without saying, but there are some heavy spoilers ahead. A fresh batch of Famitsu scans have surfaced online (we’ll have a full collection of them later) that detail out many new aspects for Breath of the Wild. The scans themselves are still being fervantly translated by our friends at Nintendo Everything and Zelda Informer, but one of the earliest details we have gotten is information on some of the select characters in the game. Here is Nintendo Everything’s direct rundown of these characters:

“Mifa is a Zora girl who lives in Hyrule. She has a special power that no other Zoras have, but perhaps due to that she’s somewhat introverted and doesn’t talk much. Famitsu wonders how she will use the spear she’s wielding.

Darkel (or literally Darukeru) is a Goron warrior who lives in the mountains of Hyrule. He’s normally calm, but when entering battles, he changes into a very brave warrior that screams loudly while sweeping away enemies.

Finally, Reebal is a member of the bird-like Rito tribe which lives in the skies of Hyrule. He is spotted wearing the same blue scarf as Darkel and Mifa, and each of them also wield different weapons.”

This also confirms that the bird-like race are Rito, yet we know from Hyrule Historia that Rito evolved from Zoras, who are also in the game. So either this mean this game happens during a time of transition, or happens so far in the future that all the races have come together (timeline convergence theories, activate). I’ll let you folks theorize on what all this new information means.

Source: Nintendo Everything