Here’s Pictures & a Video of Brand-New Pokémon Moncollé GET Figures for Sun & Moon

The Japanese Youtube channel, Takara Tomy (タカラトミー) released a video a couple weeks ago about a new figurine set called “Moncollé GET” for the new Pokémon: Sun and Moon games.

There has not been an informational video regarding these interesting figures yet for an English audience, so bear with me with my basic understanding! Simply put, these Moncollé GET statuettes act as kind of an interactive add-on to the games’ experience. Rather, they are very similar to the functions of amiibo, if anything.

Moncollé has been around since 2009. A Diamond and Pearl and Best Wishes series were made, plus special releases made by Tomy for events. You can still find them online, such as through Walmart.

Before, Moncollé figures could hold a variety of information of the modeled Pokémon, from stats, level, nature, and the bond with it’s trainer. Here’s a slew of pictures of the new figures:

On the bottom of the figurine is a QR code that can be scanned by the 3DS, which will cause that Pokémon to appear in-game. You have to search for it though! It seems that the Moncollé GET figures can also be used with a special pokéball-styled device that can scan them as well, but for (what I am assuming) a different purpose. Based on the video, the pokéball will make the “catching” sound as it is scanning the code and will open when finished. It can be used along side the Z-ring as well, it seems.

In any case, the first two Moncollé GET figure sets are to be released in December for Japan, but a date for overseas availability has not yet been disclosed.

Each set features 6 different Pokémon from both the new and past generations (except for the last one at this point, and features strictly electric-type). Some of the Pokémon available from Sun and Moon are Salandit, Bounsweet, Turtonator, pluss all three starters. Others from previous generations include Chrizard, Salamence, Tauros, and Electivire.

There are 4 planned volumes so far–the first two seem to come in a ready-to-buy packaging, while the third and fourth will be found in Gacha machines (which are the turn-dial contraptions found outside stores) for ¥300, but not until sometime in January. However, the last planned set does not have a decided 6th figure planned, nor is there any information about where it can be purchased.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo