Here’s Our Switch Launch Livestream Lineup For the Weekend!

Livestreaming… it’s a thing we’re launching at the site to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch! In fact, this weekend serves as a bit of an experiment, but one which we hope to make well worth the ride. Starting Friday morning at roughly 1:30am CST, we will be live streaming Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch across three platforms. Those platforms would be our growing YouTube channel, our Facebook page thanks to Facebook live, and on our newly acquired Twitch channel.

At some point next week (day yet to be determined), we’ll be doing another Switch related livestream featuring 1 2 Switch (because that should be fun!). I sincerely hope you tune in and enjoy the stream right along with us!¬†Also we are welcoming a brand new member to our streaming team, FiveJayGaming, next weekend, though we aren’t 100% set on what he will be streaming and the time just yet, so stay tuned for an update on that front.

Also, Breath of the Wild feels like it possibly may be one of the most difficult games to date. If you’re not liquid enough to get an official guide at launch, you should really check out our friends at Zelda Dungeon, who are completing a 100% Breath of the Wild Walkthrough guide for you literally as quickly as they humanly can once the game launches.

  • Greenbeans

    Hmm… Provided the site becomes more agreeable with my mobile device (not crashing, for example), I could get used to these new living arrangements. Good choice.

    All fresh and pristine too, perfect for crafting a new verse into the epic Greenbean Saga.

    Welcome to my castle, Nate.

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