Here’s New Details for Hey! Pikmin, Including Story, Pikmin Types, and More

Famtisu just did a feature on Hey! Pikmin and our friends over at Nintendo Everything got to work translating the important details. Thus we have details for you like the types of included Pikmin, story details, and even the number of levels you can play through. First up, let’s look at the Pikmin types:

  • Red: Can walk/move in fiery places. Has strength against fire.
  • Yellow: Flies when thrown and doesn’t get paralyzed. Has strength against electricity.
  • Blue: Great for underwater exploration. Has strength against water.
  • Winged: Has the ability to fly and can carry Olimar through flight if enough gather up.
  • Rock: Great for destroying hard objects.

Here’s some story details:

“Olimar’s rocket was hit by a meteorite swarm while he was warping back home, and it fell towards a certain planet. He meets Pikmin on this planet and tries to collect 30,000 kilas for rocket fuel together with them in order to escape.”

Famitsu revealed that there are 8 areas on the planet with 4 blocks (levels) per area… sort of. You see, there is actually a hidden 5th block in each area and a 6th block for a boss encounter. These blocks will unlock after beating a prior one. The game also offers support for Pikmin amiibo, which let you call Pikmin at any time.

Beyond that, the game controls almost entirely with the touch screen. You tap the whistle to call your Pikmin and press a jetpack button to hover. When you tap anywhere else, that is where Olimar will throw the Pikmin.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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