Here’s Everything that Should Matter to a Nintendo Fan From The Game Awards 2016


The Game Awards 2016 came and went, and with that we begin to wrap up another fine year in gaming. For Nintendo fans, it’s been a bit rough in terms of actual games to play, though the year capping with Pokemon Sun and Moon is hardly anything to be disappointed about. Next year we have a new console releasing, a new Zelda game, probably a new Mario game, and a ton of promise for the future of the company we adore so much. 2017 may truly be the “year of Nintendo”.

Still, The Game Awards 2016 had a lot of very important happenings for us Nintendo folk, so I decided to put together a nice summary of everything you should care about from The Game Awards 2016:

Breath of the Wild Kept the Hype Going With a Stunning Trailer and Interesting Gameplay

The above trailer was in the “pre-show” for The Game Awards and it really got everything going with a nice pace. Nearly everything we see in this trailer is completely brand new and contained no repeated content from E3 2016. It seemed to confirm several things, such as a new bird race, towns, npcs, dogs, flying ships! (seriously), and even hinted at the possibility of seasons. Is it better than the reveal trailer at E3? You can be the judge on that.

Beyond that, Nintendo also dropped some hot gameplay on us in the latter half of the actual Game Awards presentation. While I was initially not that excited by what was shown, it continued to prove that this is indeed a very difficult game:

Pokemon GO beat out Fire Emblem for Best Mobile/Handheld game



That isn’t meant as a slight to Pokemon GO, but out of due respect, Fire Emblem is the superior game, and all the reviews agree. If this was a fan voted award, I could understand. However, it was a panel of “experts” that picked this one. Might be the most shocking winner on the whole night versus expectations.

We’re Reminded How Much Games Truly Matter

Gaming isn’t just a hobby. It’s not just a way we entertain ourselves when we’re bored. Boogie2988 reminded us of that fact.

That’s really only a small slice. The speech given when That Dragon, Cancer won an award was truly an inspiration.

If you didn’t tear up during that speech, I’d have to question if you’re human. Gaming is more than a hobby or something we do when we’re bored. It truly touches live and can make a massive difference for so many people, from the creators to the players themselves.

Breath of the Wild did take home the most anticipated game for 2017 award, but after those speeches it’s hard to think about that in this moment.


Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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