ARMS is Nintendo’s latest new IP heading to Nintendo Switch later this year. Those that played an early demo of it in January and February walked away seemingly happy with what they played as the game offers both full motion controls with two Joycons or a more traditional setup (of which, no media member has experienced yet). It is unclear if the game will be able to capture gamers in the fighting genre the way Splatoon was able to capture shooter fans last generation, but what is clear is we are entering a period of time where Nintendo should be ramping up promotions for the title.

Today we have for you two new videos that showcase the characters (above) and some of the weapons (below).  Beyond the showcase, what I like most about these videos is they set a consistent tone and feel for this game, just like the old Splatoon trailers did before that game launched. While I am not sold on the game yet, I am definitely intrigued.