Here’s All the Best Wii U, 3DS, and amiibo Cyber Monday Deals


Black Friday is behind us, but we have one last major commercial sale day remaining, an online only Black Friday of sorts called Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is tomorrow, so I went around the internet and rounded up the very best deals I could for Nintendo products. First up, let’s tackle hardware deals, as you need the hardware to play Nintendo’s games, right?

Wii U Hardware Deals

Unfortunately, there really aren’t any other great Wii U deals this year, and if you thought you missed out on Black Friday… you didn’t. With the Wii U possibly going out of production, it’s not too surprising that new units are barely being discounted if they are being discounted at all. Not enough to be noteworthy, that’s for sure. Still, that Next Generation hardware bundle for all three current generation devices is an absolutely killer deal.

3DS Hardware Deals

Absolutely nothing. I’m not kidding. I scoured well over 50 retail sites to no avail and viewed a slew of ads and emails. The hot 3DS item this year was the $99 version sold during Black Friday, but those have been sold out practically since the sales went live, with no planned restocks at that price. Sorry folks, you missed out on your chance to get a super cheap 3DS this year.

Wii U Software Deals (retail)

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great retail deals this year on physical games for the Wii U.

3DS Software Deals (retail)

That’s about it. There are a slew of “$1 off” sales out there, but is that really a deal worth talking about?

Nintendo’s Digital Game Sale (runs through December 5th)

amiibo Deals

Waddle Dee: $9.65

Ryu: $8.57

Pikachu: $9.00

Lucas: $4.84

Overall, it’s a pretty weak Cyber Monday this year. I’m almost a bit surprised there aren’t more fire sales with the Nintendo Switch releasing next year.

  • asmith

    I was lucky enough to pick up one of the New 3DSes on Black Friday. But they have been showing up online late night on GameStop and Walmart since Wednesday. Easily the best Nintendo deal this holiday.

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