Here’s a Video Explaining the Recent DLC amiibo Launch for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The much-anticipated update to the Animal Crossing: New Leaf has launched for free bringing new and old users to play the game.  The DLC adds amiibo support for the game that will allow you to scan characters in to visit to your new campground. You can also now earn Meow Coupons that can be exchanged for bells or all new items that are added with the update! A new packaged version of the Animal  Crossing: New Leaf game will launch on December 2nd with the updates already installed along with a new set of 50 Welcome amiibo cards containing some long lost villagers. The previous amiibo cards will be usable as well as select amiibo like Wolf Link. On top of that you can use the in-game Wii U and 3DS to access all new mini-games to play! These mini games will be amiibo enabled allowing you to call in help.

We also are getting a secret storage room that will have no limit on the number of items you can keep in your home.  The game will also feature new touch screen controls that will be similar to Happy Home Designer, this will simplify the home decorating process.  This process will be available once you have earned the storage room. Lastly, they are adding a feature to sell your town once the tree in your plaza has matured, and the camera will allow you to tap your amiibo cards to create photogenic moments with villagers.

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