Pokemon Sun and Moon launches this Friday, but today the review embargo was lifted. We did not get a review copy ourselves, but it won’t stop us from sharing what the rest of the video game media has to say about the game. To say the overall reaction has been positive would be putting it lightly.

Unlike other review roundups, we’re going to try and do our best to translate these reviews into an overall aggregate. We’re also willing to take review submissions from any site we may have missed in the comments below, which will then be added to this list and the aggregate will be updated accordingly. Thus when you see a “review score” on this post, that’s simply an approximate aggregate based upon the reviews we have gathered. We use a 5 star with a half star scale. Thus in this case, if the aggregate is a 9.1/10, it would translate to 4.5 stars on our end. The goal here is to give you the best approximation we can to how great a game is.