Here’s a Look Inside Breath of the Wild’s Wrap Party

Well, this is fun. Today we get a looking inside Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild Wrap Party, a rarity in terms of public awareness. Sure, we can all reasonably assume that most games, especially ones with many years of development and hundreds of employees, get wrap parties when the game has gone gold. However, how often do we get a look inside one of those parties, let alone one at Nintendo? Not very often.

Monolith Soft’s Yasuyuki Honne posted the above image on twitter, saying it’s a wrap party for a certain game at a certain hotel. However, that game is clearly Breath of the Wild. In the image you can see Shigeru Miyamoto in the background, someone wearing a Link’s green cap, and a Zelda esque treasure chest on the stage. Monolith Soft helped make Breath of the Wild, though we aren’t 100% sure when members of their team started drifting over.

Source: Twitter