Here’s a Look at the Developers Who Have Pledged to Make Games for Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has been criticized in the past for lack of third-party support from developers other than themselves. While Nintendo’s first-party titles are usually adored by its fan base. However, some don’t see the point in buying a Nintendo console unless it has the third-party games they want to play. Titles such as Skyrim and NBA are well-received games, and these are the types of titles people want to see in addition to Nintendo’s first-party endeavors.

Nintendo realizes third-party support is important, and have provided an image splattered with various developers who have pledged to make games for their upcoming console. The Nintendo Switch boasts names such as Bethesda, Warner Brothers, EA, From Software, and more. Let’s hope more studios will be able to add themselves to this list in the near future, and give Nintendo Switch a library to be extra proud of.

Source: Nintendo