Here’s a Look at the Cover of the Hyrule Encyclopedia

Nintendo is releasing a 30th anniversary book series for The Legend of Zelda (ironically, releasing them towards and after the 31st birthday) and the 2nd book in that series is called the Hyrule Encyclopedia. It does not have a release date outside of Japan just yet, but Amazon Japan now has a cover for the book up on their site that looks great. Still, what do you get by buying this beast?

It’s a 320 page book that contains explanations of 50 keywords, over 2,000 items, enemies, characters, and more. It will also contain explanatory notes and the story-lines of each game. This practically makes it a must own for hardcore Zelda fans in the same way Hyrule Historia becamse must own material. We’ll update you when and if it is releasing out west and how you can get your hands on it.

Source: Amazon Japan