Here’s a Developer Diary for Metroid: Samus Returns

One of the most desired announcements came from Nintendo’s E3 presentations in the form of not one, but two new Metroid titles. Both Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns were shown, with Samus Returns getting a lot of coverage of it’s gameplay. Samus Returns is a remake of Metroid 2 for the 3DS and returns the series to a two-dimensional environment for the first time in thriteen years, but with new 3D graphics and updated mechanics. The game follows the same story as Metroid 2, but has new items and abilities. One new mechanic is the Free Aim ability which will allow players to freely aim Samus’ ranged weapons for the first time in Metroid’s 2D history.

Free Aim requires the player to stand still, but will open many new combat options for players. Free Aim is not the only simple yet effective combat change, there is now a Melee Counter ability that allows Samus to stun enemies when they attack her and provides an opening for players to launch a counter attack. Aside from regular item and ability additions, a new type of skill called Aeion Abilities will be added to greatly increase Samus’ adaptability and range of combat abilities.

An Aeion power bar will allow players to temporarily power up with abilities such as an automatic cannon, electrical shield that damages incoming enemies and a sensor that reveals the nearby map areas and shows hidden passages. With new graphics, abilities, items, powers and gameplay mechanics Samus Returns promises an all new experience to veteran and newcomers to the Metroid franchise alike.

  • WakY

    The game should have been released a few years when the New 3DS came out. I’m sure it will be a great game, but I’m not spending any more money on the 3DS. It would look soo much nicer on the Switch.