Here’s a Bunch of New Details for Animal Crossing New Horizons

IGN got a chance to sit down with some of the people behind Animal Crossing New Horizons to conduct a rather in-depth interview. Here’s a summary of all the important details:

  • you’ll start with two or so neighbors 
  • before they choose a spot for their home, these two neighbors will check with you to see if it’s okay 
  • if you don’t like where they’ve chosen, you can pick a spot for them 
  • the islanders that move onto the island with you at the start can’t be forced off, but they might leave on their own 
  • some new elements in gameplay include building up the island, and building something from scratch 
  • there will be a system that gives an opportunity to invite animals to the island 
  • Timmy and Tommy, and Tom Nook will already be on the island as well 
  • the animals who join you are also in debt to Tom Nook 
  • Tom Nook has a place called Resident Services, and this is what all of his Bells go into 
  • you can live in a tent forever if you’d like 
  • there won’t be direct connectivity to Pocket Camp, but there will be collaborative items between the two 
  • there will be new hair and facial features to choose from 
  • there aren’t any new personality types. 
  • the Nook Phone will get new apps 
  • you can’t set up a tent on a friend’s island. 
  • there are new ways to improve your friendship with Islanders, like gifting them crafted items 
  • islanders can teach you new DIY recipes

The above summary comes courtesy the fine folks over at GoNintendo. In case you missed it, here is the the reveal trailer for the game: