Here is Japan’s Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Commercial

Yesterday, the Pokémon Company  aired their newest commercial for the Pokémon Sun and Moon installment of the franchise. However, the 30-second long commercial doesn’t necessarily focus on Sun and Moon, rather a timeline of all the previous Pokémon games that precedes it.

The translated title of the video states, “To All Pokémon Trainers,” which is most likely to welcome all of those who are, and were, Pokémon trainers, no matter what game they play. Pretty nice and simple method to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of this beloved series.

The commercial does briefly show how the creators developed the newest installment however, from basic planning to forming the 3-D models (the traditional flying-type for the Alola region, Pikipek was shown if you noticed). It’s interesting to see a little bit of what goes into these games, so be sure to take look if you haven’t yet!

The English Official Pokémon YouTube channel has not released a TV commercial clip as of yet, but it’s bound to occur in due time as the release date is so close.