Here are 26 Stunning Breath of the Wild Screenshots in Full HD

This is… a bit of an odd one personally. Nintendo released a press kit containing 26 absolutely stunning screenshots from Breath of the Wild. This isn’t a huge surprise, as we’re getting closer to launch and obviously press would like some high fidelity shots to potentially use in their previews and reviews.  On the surface, I’m extremely happy to have more quality screenshots that could be a true representation of the final product, especially on Nintendo Switch.

But, there is a caveat here. These screenshots are in Full HD, as in… 1080p resolution. Currently, there is no way to actually play Breath of the Wild in 1080p, as 1600×900 is the current max resolution that is output for this game on Switch. That can make these stunning screenshots a bit misleading.

Now you could say they are merely upscaled, but having done some fine tuned pixel counting, these are definitely full 1080p shots and it creates a crisper look for the game than you will experience first hand. One has to wonder if other effects were modified as well, but it’s hard to know without having the Switch version of the game in our hands for local comparison testing, and comparing these to the Wii U version isn’t entirely fair, as that version tops out at 720p.

That makes these screenshots potentially “bullshots”, a term that means these screenshots actually make the game look visually better than the final product. Some consider this to be a bit of false advertising, but it’s hard to really say that for sure. It’s also possible Nintendo does plan to release a 1080p patch for Breath of the Wild on Switch at some point in the future, but considering Nintendo has rarely emphasized the importance of resolution, we can’t really be too confident in that happening.

Either way, enjoy the gallery below. I do warn, some of the screenshots may contain spoilers.

  • Fabrizio Silveri

    I REALLY hope for a 1080p patch for Switch… after all, reports on the dev kit said the console was 2,5 times as powerful when docked, so the power to bring everything from 720p to 1080p should be there…

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